Should I Sell My House to A Home Investor?

Should I Sell My House to A Home Investor? 2018-08-03T04:37:27-05:00

Should I Sell My House to a Home Investor in Dallas, TX

You need to sell your Dallas home and you aren’t sure what you should do.  You could go the traditional route and hire a real estate agent, signing on for a potentially lengthy cycle of showings, negotiations, inspections, etc.  Or you could cut out many of these steps by selling to a home investor.  Which method is right for you?

Who Should Not Sell to a Home Investor?

If your home is in a highly sought after neighborhood and/or is in excellent, market-ready condition and you have unlimited time to sell, then you have no reason to avoid the traditional real estate process. You can hire a realtor who will list the home on the MLS, market it, arrange showings, and bring you any offers that come in on the property.

Who Should Sell to a Home Investor?

On the other hand, if you don’t have unlimited time to sell, or if you don’t relish the thought of preparing the house for listing, vacating during showings, and helping your realtor with the marketing process, then selling to a home investment company may be right for you. Home investors, such as, buy houses from all kinds of people for all kinds of reasons.

Some examples:

  • Homeowner does not want the house listed/shown for various reasons (small children, illness, pets)
  • Homeowner wants to sell a house as is/no repairs
  • Homeowner is buying a new home due to relocation and can’t afford two mortgage payments
  • House is inherited and needs to be sold quickly to settle an estate
  • House likely won’t appraise for the market sales price
  • House if part of a divorce and needs to be sold quickly to divide assets
  • Homeowner needs to raise cash immediately

If you need to sell your home in the Dallas-Ft. Metroplex area quickly, and without the drawn out real estate sales process, then selling for cash is the answer. buys homes in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area for cash in just three simple steps.  Just contact us, schedule an appointment for us to see your home, and we will give you an immediate cash offer.  There is no obligation to sell.  If you accept our offer, the sale can be completed within a week or two, with no inspections, appraisals, loan approvals, etc. required.  It’s that simple.  So what are you waiting for?