Can I Sell my Home in December?

Most people take their homes off the market in December. Your real estate agent may be on vacation. There are fewer buyers, and those who are there have specific needs. If the offer is received after the middle of the month, it is almost impossible to close the deal before January. Schools are closed, and the kids are home. Add to that the holiday decorations, gift wrapping, dinners, and parties. It’s very difficult to keep the house spic-and-span for a showing.

You Can Sell Your House in December

If you really need to sell a house in December, there is no reason why you can’t or shouldn’t. Contrary to what your real estate agent may tell you, you can sell your home in December if you sell it to a home investor.

It is true that most homebuyers disappear during the holidays. They either go on long holidays or are busy preparing for Christmas. But, so what? One breed of buyers, called home investors, are still around. In fact, some are active this time of the year because they know the market is less crowded. Once they find out your house is on the market, they may even approach you before anyone else does.

No Costly Repairs Required

If you have ever sold to a home investor, you probably know how easy it is. He or she is looking for a home with value, no frills, and decorations. If he or she likes your house and decides there is money to be made, he or she will take it as is. No difficult questions asked. No costly repairs required. No expensive renovations needed. No time wasted on cleaning up or redecorating.

No Option Period Needed

Since home investors pay completely in cash, there is no option period. With regular buyers, there is usually a two-week option period. An option period, if you don’t already know, is an agreed-upon time frame by both parties to allow the potential buyer to think it over before making his or her final decision. The potential buyer may use this period to sort out his or her finances and secure the mortgage (if he or she is taking out one). A change of heart by the potential buyer means loss of time and missing out on other potential buyers.

No Need For Pesky Home Inspections

Since the home investor will do the repairs and renovations himself or herself after buying the house, there will be no need to hire an inspector to identify any problems. Home investors also may not care to hire a professional inspector because they can identify any issues themselves. Not having to have your home inspected by a professional inspector saves a lot of time and trouble.

Selling a house during the holidays is neither impossible nor a bad idea. You can sell it faster and with much less hassle than at other times of the year. December is nearly halfway through. So, contact the licensed real estate professionals at and sell your house today.