Selling a Home with Mold

Every home has the potential to develop mold, and it can be a dangerous and costly problem. Mold inspection and remediation services are necessary if you discover mold in your home. Mold can cause serious health issues, financial issues, lower the market value of the house, and scare away potential buyers. Mold remediation includes:

  • Repairing the water problem that caused the mold to grow
  • Isolating the contaminated areas in preparation for service
  • Suppressing dust to avoid cross contamination
  • Removing damaged materials
  • Securing moldy material in plastic bags for disposal
  • Cleaning all surfaces that have evidence of mold
  • Thoroughly drying the affected areas
  • Repairing and replacing the infested materials and structural areas

You Can’t Sell a Moldy Home

Some homeowners weigh their options and decide to cut their losses and sell the house as is rather than deal with the expense of eradicating the mold. Much to their chagrin, they quickly discover they will still have to deal with the mold to sell the house. Once you discover mold, you must deal with it and disclose the issue to potential buyers. If you do not disclose mold issues before the sale, a lawsuit may ensue once the buyers take possession of the house and discover it for themselves.

Consider Other Options

The traditional sales process requires property inspections, repairs, and disclosures, but selling to bypasses those costly inconveniences. Selling your home for cash without inspections, repairs, or closing costs makes the process quick and simple.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Use our online form to request an appointment.
  • We contact you to schedule a viewing.
  • We issue a cash offer on the spot.

We also do traditional home sales, so we know first-hand the hassle of cleaning, staging, waiting for buyer leads, showing the house, and then doing it all over again until a potential buyer is interested enough to move forward. The inspections are next, and if something is found, the next step is repairs and hoping the buyer will still proceed with the purchase. is staffed by licensed real estate brokers, unlike some property investment companies that make claims of fast cash and quick sales. This is an important difference, because it means the Texas Real Estate Commission’s Real Estate License Act’s strict code of ethics and conduct regulates us.

Let Us Help You

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